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The MK-ULTRA Milieu Surrounding the “Scribing” of A Course In Miracles

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*Hypothesis: Something that is taken to be true for purposes of argument or investigation.
ACIM: Lie Down With Dogs, Get Up With Fleas!
The MKULTRA Milieu Surrounding the “Scribing” of A Course In Miracles
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Professional publication data and other material links show the channeling of A Course in Miracles to be covered with the fingerprints of the CIA’s mind control program, MKULTRA

Helen Schucman, a Jewish,
atheist channeler of “Jesus”

It has become undeniably obvious that Helen Schucman, the woman who “channeled” or “scribed” A Course in Miracles (ACIM) was very likely unwittingly deeply immersed in the CIA’s MKULTRA activity during the years she “scribed” (“channeled”) the Course.

Most of the information in the “ACIM/MKULTRA Timeline” below can be found on http://www.pasf.org/print_bibliog.htm, a Gittinger PAS bibliography. This bibliographical information reveals that there were ongoing professional contacts between the people involved during the years surrounding the “channeling” (“scribing”) of A Course in Miracles.

J.W. Gittinger (see, http://www.druglibrary.org/schaffer/lsd/marks.htm Chapter 10) was the primary personality assessor for MKULTRA. He pioneered scientific methods to enable him to identify the most susceptible types of personalities for Dr. Gottlieb’s nefarious, amoral, and often harmful U.S. government-sponsored exploitations. Gittinger’s work there eventually surfaced as his “Personality Assessment System” (PAS), which both is studied and has been used by legitimate scientists for non-exploitative purposes.

Two years after Schucman went to work for William Thetford (who had a previous history as a spy, according to Thetford’s friend and student, Fr. Benedict Groeschel) at the Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons Psychology Department, they co-authored a paper on Gittinger’s PAS.

D. R. Saunders is also mentioned in the same chapter of John Marks’ book at the link above as having carried out personality assessment work for MKULTRA. It is possible (but I have not absolutely confirmed this) that he is the same D.R. Saunders who was the chief investigator for the Condon Report, an early UFO study which is considered by many ufologists to be essentially CIA disinformation.

Bill Thetford or 007?

Thetman and Saunders worked together on the secret MKULTRA Subproject 130 (Psychology “Personality Theory”) research (see timeline below, 1971 – 1978). Saunders — apparently something of an MKULTRA protégé of Gittinger’s — was co-authoring papers at that time with both Schucman and Thetford.

Three years after Schucman, Thetford, and Saunders jointly authored a paper with a “specific, explicit mention of [Gittinger’s] PAS”, Schucman (1965) began having strange “visions”, and shortly she was hearing an inner “voice” which identified itself as Jesus. [Schucman described it as actually being nearly sub-audible, thus it was apparently identical with the type of “contact” that forms the basis for Teaching Mission, or TeaM, “channeling”. TeaM is a fringe cult associated with The URANTIA Book].

Brainwashing Professional,
Herbert Spiegel

Although I have no evidence directly connecting him with any intelligence agency, another of Helen Schucman’s Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons Psychology Department “colleagues” around this time was Herbert Spiegel, a recognized expert in hypnotism and brainwashing, who was then teaching courses in hypnosis. He had been involved in brainwashing since the early 1950s when he studied the Chinese techniques used upon Korean War POWs for the U.S. Army. Spiegal was perfectly capable — if anyone was — of making Schucman have “visions” and to hear a “voice” claiming to be that of Jesus.

When Schucman, who was culturally Jewish and an atheist or agnostic, hesitated to accept that the voice was genuinely “Jesus”, she was talked into believing it by her boss and then close friend, Bill Thetman. Thetman also “encouraged” her to keep going during the seven years that she was “channeling” the Course.

During the time when Helen Schucman was still in the process of “channeling” ACIM, her previous co-author, Saunders, also co-authored a paper with Gittinger himself. Later, but still during the “scribing”, Thetman and Saunders together contracted to do a secret personality study for MKULTRA.

Admittedly there is nothing sinister in authoring or co-authoring papers to be published openly in scientific journals, but my GUESS is that Schucman had no idea about the MKULTRA connections of her friends and colleagues, and that had she known, and had she realized what MKULTRA was up to during those years (however that would not be exposed until a few years after Schucman’s “channeling” experience was over) NOTHING Thetman could have said to her would have made her believe that she was actually in contact with Jesus!

Schucman likely had no idea that she was lying down with dogs, but she got up with fleas, nevertheless!

[NOTE: For more information on the possible use in and on certain cults of what has come to be known as “synthetic telepathy” (the artificial induction of intra-cerebral voices to influence or control the behavior of unwitting subjects) please go to: http://www.urantiagate.com/conspiracy.html%5D


1958 — Schucman goes to work for Thetford in the Psychology Department at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.
1962 — Schucman AND Thetford (Publish paper together on “The personality theory of John Gittinger”).
1962 — Saunders AND Schucman (Sept. Paper).
1962 — Saunders AND Schucman AND Thetford (Sept. Paper).
1965 — Helen Schucman’s pre-ACIM visions and experiences.
1965 – 1968 — Helen Schucman (w/William Thetford): Scribing of “A Course In Miracles” (ACIM).
1968 — Gittinger AND Saunders (Article/Paper, apparently published as part of a compendium).
1969 – 1971 — Helen Schucman (w/William Thetford): Scribing of ACIM: “Workbook”.
1970 — Schucman AND Thetford (Article).
1971 – 1978 — Saunders AND Thetford (MKULTRA Subproject 130).
1972 — Helen Schucman (w/William Thetford): Scribing of ACIM: “Manual”.


(no longer available online)

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This web article was of  great concern to the ACIM “conspiracy” debunker (name) for obvious reasons.


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  1. […] Get Up With Fleas! The MKULTRA Milieu Surrounding the “Scribing” of A Course In Miracles. The text of the article has been preserved at this blog. “Thetman and Saunders worked together on the secret MKULTRA […]

  2. Alexander Gottwald said, on 08/07/2012 at 15:40

    Hi, thanks for the very interesting and more extended information on the brainwash topic according to ACIM! I’m currently doing reasearch to write a book about this topic. Can you provide me with some sources or witnesses still alive? Such a pity, this urantiagate.com website is down … is there any new URL to get those informations? Thx again for your brillant research! I went through the whole course and workbook twice btw! Once in the early 90s and once around 2001 … it’s a brillant mind trap and an amazing waste of energy! Hope to hear from you, Alex

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